United Soloists Orchestra

The United Soloists Orchestra is a symphony orchestra consisting of the most talented young soloists from around the world, selected by competition.

The aim of this orchestra is to present young and talented artists in every concert, promoting different cultures and traditions from around the world through music. The founder and musical director Arseniy Shkaptsov calls it “a new platform for discovering and promoting young talents from the art industry.”

Classical bassoon

Classical bassoon repertoire

solo, with orchestra, with piano

Jazz bassoon

Jazz bassoon with string orchestra

with symphony orchestra

The Sharp Shock

Sharp Shock has one of the most unusual formations on today’s music scene. This international band consists of Russian bassoon player Arseniy Shkaptsov, Serbjan saxophonist and clarinetist Djordje Kujundzic, American guitarist Chris Moy, German pianist Andi Heinrich, and Swiss drummer Enea Besana. Born in 2015, this eclectic group combines varied influences to create a unique blend of jazz, funk, fusion and contemporary classical music. Sharp Shock is based in Lugano, Switzerland.

Romano jazz quartet & Elisa Lomazzi

Romano Jazz Quartet was founded by Italian jazz double-bassist Ferdinando Romano, who chose three young talented musicians from all over the world to build his new project: Djordje Kujundzic (Serbia) with his tenor saxophone, Arseniy Shkaptsov (Russia) with the bassoon and Chris Moy (US) with the guitar. Their different influences create a unique blend of classical, contemporary, and jazz music.